Free Taster Session For Ladies

Golf with a friend is fun and a very pleasant alternative to keeping fit

This offer is for a Free Taster Session, followed by a course of 5 lessons at £30 per lady.
Morning courses start with a choice of either 11am Tuesday 30th April or 11 June 2019.
Evening course starts 6PM on Tuesday 11th June 2019

After the lessons you are invited to use our practice facilities as well as the comfort and friendliness of the clubhouse and it’s facilities.

The Course

The free taster session and 5 week course depending on the date selected continues at the same time each week. Courses at other times may be arranged if there is sufficient demand.

All golfing equipment will be provided. No special clothing is required as even with rain there are covered practice facilities. All you need are comfortable shoes.

There will be a maximum of 8 Ladies for each session. You will be welcome to continue to use the practice and clubhouse facilities. Payment of £30 is payable on arrival for your first lesson by either debit or credit card.

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Shirley Golf Club

The Clubhouse, bar and changing facilities will be at your disposal before, during and after the lessons. So, if you’d like to bring a change of shoes, etc. you may enjoy all our facilities.

Private practice after the lesson will also be allowed. Our PGA coaching staff are also available for individual coaching.

Shirley Golf Club is a private members club with comfortable facilities and a picturesque golf course. After just one visit you will understand why it has a reputation as the friendliest Golf Club in the Midlands.

The Club and its entrance is located on the Stratford Road opposite Shirley Aquatics and Nottcutts.


Shirley Golf Club’s Head Professional Stuart Bottrill has been with the club for several years and has a great reputation for his teaching skills and friendliness. He is fully supported by the club and a team of qualified staff to assist him in coaching and in running the shop.

Dress Requirements

The only dress requirement for coaching is comfortable shoes or trainers. Dress in the clubhouse is smart casual for the lounge but more casual in the spike bar which can be entered with dirty shoes from the door at the rear. The only segregation is in the locker rooms.


Playing golf is a low impact cardio vascular activity that gets your heart pumping. In fact 9 holes of golf can be equivalent of 30 minutes in a fitness gym. You will be burning off over 1,000 calories, walking 2 miles over varying terrain in the fresh air with beautiful views of the countryside, boosting your spirits as well as your health. And much more if playing a full round of 18 holes.

Around Shirley Golf Club